Calm Legs® is a natural supplement for lasting relief from Restless Legs

Each ingredient in the CalmLegs formula has been clinically-tested and shown to reduce symptoms of RLS. CalmLegs is the first natural supplement to address newly-discovered nutrient deficiencies associated with Restless Legs (RLS) while helping to reduce symptoms of RLS. For many, prescription drug therapies fall short.

Drugs may cause harsh side effects and carry a risk of dependence, tolerance and withdrawal. Some prescription drugs even create the same nutrient depletions that contribute to Restless Legs (RLS) in the first place.


For many users, CalmLegs® brings rapid relief from Restless Legs (RLS), starting with more peaceful sleep. Deep, restful slumber boosts daytime energy levels and sharpens mental alertness. A bright, positive mood follows. Productivity at work improves. The notorious strain Restless Legs (RLS) places on personal relationships melt away into peaceful harmony.

Most importantly, as Calm Legs® helps with Restless Legs (RLS), it restores your quality of life. Imagine going to the movies, a ballgame or your favorite fine restaurant and simply enjoying yourself without the dread of twitching legs. Picture yourself traveling comfortably without the fear of uncontrollable kicking. Envision curling up with a good book in your favorite recliner, and later luxuriating in bed before blissfully drifting away to dreamland. Calm Legs® is guaranteed to give you relief from your Restless Legs (RLS). If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, you can return Calm Legs® Restless Legs (RLS) Remedy (RLS) for a full refund. No questions asked.

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