My Struggles with Restless Legs

struggles with Restless Legs (RLS)While I cannot tell you exactly why I have Restless Legs (RLS), and I cannot begin to explain the pathology behind it, I can attest to the misery associated with it. As most of us have know, the symptoms are usually not the same in most people, nonetheless, we all share a general dislike for the ailment. I am no different- here is how it is for me.

When I first started experiencing Restless Legs (RLS) it was a situation where, no matter what I did, I just could not get comfortable at bedtime. While I cannot pinpoint when it started, or what it felt like, I found that I was having more and more trouble getting to sleep, and was staying up later and later every night. Before long, I was becoming more and more sleep deprived, and less effective during the day, due to my exhaustion.

What I was feeling. While some people describe it as pins and needles, burning, aches or pains, I was a bit unique, I think. I remember describing it first as an uncontrolled jerk of either of my legs. I remember playfully referring to it as my “foot seizures.” In the early days, it was nothing more than an oddity. It got worse. Fast forward a few years, and it had taken a firmer grip on my life. By this time the jerking was more intense, almost violent in nature: enough of a kick to wake my wife and nearly pitch her out of bed onto the floor. Another key element was a feeling of tightness- it felt like there was constant tension in my legs, especially when I laid on my stomach (unfortunately for me, my favorite sleeping position). I tossed and turned throughout the night, trying in vain to find a comfortable sleeping position.

In response to my problems, I tried therapeutic massage at bedtime, as well as a number of prescription medications to manage my symptoms, ranging from baclofen, to benzodiazepines. Unfortunately for me, none of them brought me the pure relief of symptoms that I was seeking. It is time for me to try another treatment, one that has been formulated in the USA with multiple ingredients shown to help people manage the symptoms associated with Restless Legs (RLS): CalmLegs™.

Bradley Gillespie, PharmD
Health Expert