Only 6% of RLS Sufferers Believe their Symptoms are Controlled with their Current Medication

Restless Legs (RLS) Study

“Patient Odyssey” Survey

In 2013, the Willis-Ekbom Disease (WED) Foundation conducted a survey call “Patient Odyssey” with 3000 members of the WED foundation and their partners/spouses.The survey was designed to look at how RLS impacts daily living from the perspective of both RLS sufferers and their partners.



68% felt that  physicians need a better understanding of RLS, 42% agreed that their current healthcare provider do not understand their disease and 93% wished more effective medications were available, according to a press release  from XenoPort, Inc.

The study noted that out of the 95% of the patient survey respondents who reported that they were or have taken prescription medications only 6% of patients believed that there symptoms were completely controlled by their current medications. A third of those had switched 3 or more times since they were diagnosed with restless legs and over 50% reported that nothing seems to work to control their symptoms.

Interestingly, more that 2/3 of the patients reported a worsening of symptoms from the side effect augmentation. Augmentation is a worsening of RLS symptoms that occur after starting a medication that is being used to treat RLS.

This Odyssey survey illuminates the need for further study and investigation in the treatment of RLS focusing better treatments as well as a focus on the education of the physicians who treat individuals with this restless leg syndrome.