CalmLegs® helps restore depleted “Restless Legs (RLS) nutrients” to their ideal levels.

Restless Legs (RLS) may be caused by common nutritional deficiencies created by aging, poor digestion, pregnancy and certain over-the-counter and prescription drugs. The ingredients in the Calm Legs® formula provides all of the nutrients needed to help prevent deficiencies linked to Restless Legs (RLS). (See Ingredients)

CalmLegs® relaxes, soothes and unwinds jumpy leg muscles.

In addition to its notorious leg muscle twitches, Restless Legs (RLS) is linked to muscle atrophy and degeneration. CalmLegs® provides muscle-supportive nutrition to maintain healthy muscles.

CalmLegs® settles sensitive leg neurons and “fine-tunes” the nervous system.

“Excitable” nerves, leg neuropathy, and other neurological issues are suspected Restless Legs (RLS) triggers. CalmLegs® nutrients optimize nervous system performance to help keep neurons settled.

CalmLegs® helps you fall asleep fast and stay asleep the whole night through.

Restless Legs (RLS) ruins sleep! Sleep deprivation from Restless Legs (RLS) unleashes “collateral damage” problems that make sufferers feel fatigued, foggy-headed and miserable. The active ingredients in Calm Legs help promote the onset of peaceful sleep for a full night of rest.

CalmLegs® boosts production of the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, dopamine.

Research shows dopamine levels are significantly lower in Restless Legs (RLS) sufferers’ brains, suggesting that low dopamine may spark Restless Legs (RLS) flare-ups. The active ingredients in Calm Legs have been shown to increase dopamine levels which can help to provide relief from Restless Legs (RLS).

CalmLegs® promotes peak leg circulation and healthy blood vessels.

Evidence suggests that problems from Restless Legs (RLS) may start with poor circulation (especially to the legs) and weakened blood vessels. Calm Legs’ ingredients support blood circulation in the legs and nutrients for healthy blood vessels.

CalmLegs® supplies regenerative antioxidants that zap free radicals.

Destructive free radical molecules spike during sleep deprivation and aggravate Restless Legs (RLS) symptoms. CalmLegs’ potent antioxidants neutralize these free radicals to provide fast relief from Restless Legs (RLS).

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