Let Go Of Restless Legs Syndrome With Calm Legs™

Calm your jittery legs with Calm Legsby Bradley Gillespie, PharmD
Health Expert
Restless Leg Sufferer

Like most syndromes, Restless Legs (RLS) or RLS has very broadly defined set of symptoms- likely no two people will report the same exact complaints.

This is reflective of the fact that there are likely many different pathologies in play causing this annoying malady. In fact, it is likely that in each sufferer of Restless Legs (RLS), there are any number of different issues going on. Due to this broad spectrum of problems, there is no way to determine exactly what should be treated to ensure optimum clinical results.

Calm Legs for Restless Legs (RLS)

Most Comprehensive Restless Legs (RLS) Formula on the Market – Calm Legs®

So, based on the fact that we are figuratively blind-folded when selecting the best regimen, the best approach is to avoid focusing on specific concerns, and instead adopt an approach designed to combat multiple problems, simultaneously. This approach, the strategy used in the development of CalmLegs® Restless Leg Remedy, employs a carefully measured recipe of ingredients, each designed to work at normalizing different imbalances leading to Restless Legs (RLS). While there are some overlaps between ingredients, this approach relies on two scientific principles: additivity and synergism.

In cases of additivity, it is simply a case of numeric addition. For example, 1 unit of benefit from ingredient A + 1 unit of benefit from ingredient B = 2 units of benefit. Synergism, though, is one of the special things found in the life sciences. In this case, the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects.

So, not only does CalmLegs® have the potential to treat multiple potential causes of Restless Legs (RLS), its combination formula may be able to take advantage of the power of synergistically combining ingredients. Choosing a single-ingredient remedy does not provide either of these potential benefits, instead relying on its distinct and focused clinical effect.

Calm Legs User“Just as I’m on the verge of getting to sleep, that uncontrollable sensation to move my leg overcomes me and the only relief I have is to get up and move to the couch so that my husband can get a good night sleep. After a couple of weeks of taking your product, I am sleeping at night for the first time in years!”

Jill, TX