Vitamin B12 Improves Restless Legs and Depression

B12 in Calm Legs improves Restless Legs (RLS)

Are you suffering from Restless Legs (RLS)? Living with Restless Legs (RLS) is difficult enough and depression can set in as no one knows exactly what to do for it.

Did you know that low levels of Vitamin B12 are associated with not only RLS but with depression. Vitamin B12 is a very large and complicated vitamin, which serves multiple purposes in the human body.

One thing that sets Vitamin B12 apart from other vitamins is that it contains bit of metal called cobalt. There are two forms of Vitamin B12 that are used by the body: methylcobalamin and cobalamin.

Vitamin B12 is critical to helping the body maintain a healthy nervous system, and support its ability to produce DNA: Two important functions that are useful for managing the symptoms of Restless Legs (RLS).

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) in Restless Legs (RLS)

One of the things that cobalamin does is supports the production of myelin, a sheath that coats and protects the nerve cells. The myelin sheath can be thought of as the insulation used to keep electrical wires from short circuiting against one another. So, in the case where a person lacks sufficient Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) to generate adequate myelin, the result could be the equivalent of static! If nerve function is compromised, the result could be, among other things, Restless Legs (RLS).

Depression and B12 Deficiency

Although only preliminary reports of are available that showed the benefit of adequate Vitamin B12 levels in Restless Legs (RLS) patients, observational studies have been conducted showing that as many as 305 of patients hospitalized for depression are also deficient in Vitamin B12. In fact, Vitamin B12 deficient patients are twice as likely to be depressed as non-deficient individuals.

Calm Legs and B12

Preliminary clinical evidence showing the benefit of Vitamin B12 in managing the symptoms of Restless Legs (RLS), its role in maintaining a healthy nervous system, and a benign safety profile, supports its addition into the CalmLegs® formulation for the management of the symptoms of Restless Legs (RLS). Vitamin B12 will help to heal damaged nerve tissue and work to prevent nerve cells from future injury, an important part of managing Restless Legs (RLS).

CalmLegs® supplies Vitamin B12 to help stabilize nerve fibers and ease the nervous system sensitivity that is associated with Restless Legs (RLS), providing meaningful relief from this condition. In combination with the other ingredients of Calm Legs you should see relief in as little as 3-4 weeks. Remember it takes time to build up the nutrients in the body that are decreased.

Bradley Gillespie, PharmD
Health Expert, Restless Leg Sufferer

woman“I have had Restless Legs (RLS) since it was a little girl. My mother used to wrap my legs in warm towels to provide relief. I am now 62 years old and finally a product (Calm Legs) that works. Please thank whoever put this formula together”

Diane, California